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Respite is defined as a time of rest or relief from something difficult. Oasis of Love Home Care understands that caring for an elderly, disabled, or chronically ill loved one is difficult but you do it with love because you care.

You and your loved one's quality of life is important.

You do everything in your power to ensure that your loved one has all they need for the best quality of care possible. Your compassionate, generous, and patient character shows in your dedication but you also deserve care.

You deserve a break and you don't need to feel guilty taking one.

Caregiving is not easy. It’s a demanding job and can be very stressful at times. There could be unintended consequences if you are taking care of someone you love at the expense of your own needs.

Even with the best of intentions, ignoring your own personal well-being and fulfillment can breed resentment as you constantly put others ahead of you. Without respite, your labor of love can turn into a chore of obligation, causing discontent and even bitterness.

Don’t forget that the person you love so much wants you to enjoy life too!

Oasis of Love Home Care offers respite care services that allow you to take a break and focus on your own needs for a moment. While you are away, our compassionate and professional caregivers will be there, taking good care of your loved one.

We can fill in long term, overnight, for a day, or even just for a few hours. Whether you need us once or on a regular basis, we are here for you. We specialize in respite care for the elderly, but we offer our services for any adult who needs assistance at home.

Oasis of Love Home Care Respite Care Services

Serious health issues is just one of the risks for family caregivers who don’t have time to care for themselves. With Oasis of Love Home Care respite care, you can rest assured that your loved one is in good hands while you are away.

There is no shame in wanting time for yourself. Everyone deserves a break – a chance to re-energize, relax, and escape the daily grind. Rest is not only beneficial to your health, it can also strengthen the bond between you and the person you are caring for.

When you are full of energy and in a good mood, both of you will be better. Let Oasis of Love Home Care help you find the parts of yourself that you have been missing without sacrificing the attention and care you want for your loved one. Respite is here for you.

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